Christianae Reipublicae: an urgent but unheeded warning of the coming disaster

The Feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary

If Almighty God grants a man the grace to open his eyes there are two points in the course of events when he is most likely to realize that he is being conned: at the beginning when the idea seems at first tempting but then, after the slight application of some common sense, moronic and impossible, and at the end when he sees what a disaster he has landed himself in and, by the grace of God, he repents of his stupidity and turns back to the right path to rebuild his life.

We are now at such a moment in history.  We are living through what I heard one priest call the “a** end” of the so called ‘enlightenment.’  Anyone whose eyes are open can see what a disaster the so called ‘philosophy’ of the 18th century has brought to us.  But, strangely (or not so) enough, this was also obvious to the popes who were reigning when these murderous incantations first began to rise up out of the dark heart of the occult lodges.

The first warning was given by Pope Clement XIII in his encyclical Christianae Reipublicae, published on November 25, 1766.  I will here give an extended citation from His Holiness:

The well being of the Christian community which has been entrusted to Us by the Prince of shepherds and Guardian of souls requires Us to see to it that the unaccustomed and offensive licentiousness of books which has emerged from hiding to cause ruin and desolation does not become more destructive as it triumphantly spreads abroad…

For accursed men who have given themselves over to myths and who do not uphold the stronghold of Sion from all sides vomit the poison of serpents from their hearts for the ruin of the Christian people by the contagious plague of books which almost overwhelm us…  

They raise again from the ashes the absurdities of the impious which have been destroyed so often.  They deny God even though He makes himself known everywhere and comes before their eyes daily, not because of the dullness of their mind, but only on the urging of their depraved will.  Or else they represent God Himself as lazy and indolent.  They do not respect His providence nor do they fear his justice.  They preach with a detestable and insane freedom of thought that the origin and nature of our soul is mortal although it was created in the image of the supreme creator little lower than the angels.  Whether they think that matter has been created or foolishly imagine that it is eternal and independent of causes, they consider that nothing else exists in this universe.  Or else if they are forced to admit that spirit exists with matter, they exclude the soul from the spirit’s heavenly nature.  They are unwilling to understand that in this very weakness of which we are formed something spiritual and incorruptible abides in us.  By its power we know, act, will, look to the future, attend to the present, and remember the past.

Keep in mind that everything the Vicar of Christ, the Successor of Saint Peter, is condemning here as absurd and ridiculous now in our day serves as the intellectual foundation for the world that we live in, and is sadly taken almost for granted by many in the Catholic Church, from the pews to the highest reaches of the Roman Curia.  And he duly notes that the origins of this thing were initially hidden, but then emerged into the open when its authors judged the conditions were right.  Eye opening, eh?

His Holiness Clement XIII also condemned the flood of immoral literature spreading throughout the Catholic world.  This literature and stage plays were of an exceedingly impure and sexually explicit nature: 18th century pornography.  Clement XIII was writing almost a quarter century before the storming of the Bastille and it is now a well known fact that France in particular was deliberately saturated with vice and pornographic literature in the decades immediately preceding the French Revolution.  One hundred twenty years later Pope Leo XIII would note in Humanum Genus the disastrous implications of the spread of vice in a society and its ominous implications for the future, a future that we are living through right now.

And the implication is this: it is the teaching of the Catholic Church that sins of the flesh i.e. sexual sins darken the intellect, which is a more poetic and polite way of saying that they turn you into a moron.  Think of that the next time that you are stuck in a traffic jam and tempted to pass the time by looking at porn on your iPhone!  When your brain has been turned into Swiss cheese by all of this vice you will fall for any bad idea that is presented to you in a skillful and clever way and you will follow any devil down any road he wants to take you as long as he promises not to take away your candy.  The saturation of a society with vice is always a necessary prelude to a revolution and a turning away from God and toward the devil.

The next post will cover Pope Pius VI’s even more urgent warning issued nine years later in Inscrutabile.  Please pray three Hail Marys in honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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