The legacy of the Suppression

March 10, 2016

The Suppression of the Jesuits was the first act of a revolution.  This revolution unleashed an age of immense barbarism unprecedented in human history that we are still living through.  The revolution’s purpose at this point was to begin to dismantle the authority of the Catholic Church in its heartland, within the nations it had given life to so long ago.

This done the revolution could then replace the Gospel in the minds and hearts of those who had once believed, or their children, with its own contrivances.  This fraudulent view of the world had already been conjured up in dark dens and had also been partially revealed by the pen of its chief minister: François Marie Arouet, who went by the nom de guerre Voltaire.

The Jesuits were broken in the 1760s.  The Catholic kings were seduced into being accomplices in this stupid act.  Voltaire and his ‘philosophers’ lauded their efforts in public while plotting their demise in private.  Such is the fate of those who seek after the praise of men.  Empty flattery followed some time after by a blade on your neck.

I had thought that Europe began to throw off the Catholic faith with the French Revolution in 1789, but I was mistaken.  De Ravingan’s work Clement XIII et Clement XIV revealed a whole new view of the world for me.  I had never heard of the war that the Catholic kings had waged against the Holy See.  In military terms the war was small, almost insignificant, but in moral, religious, and sociopolitical terms it was a catastrophe.

When all of the major Catholic powers save Austria (and Austria eventually consented to this plot) conspired to force their will upon Popes Clement XIII and Clement XIV in the matter of suppressing a religious order, which is the exclusive purview of the Church, and when they didn’t get their way resorted to force of arms against the Successor of Saint Peter something ended.

These nations who had been formed out of nothing by the Catholic Church once upon a time.  They were the refuse of the earth when the Popes first encountered these barbarians who had wandered off the plains of Asia into the ruins of Imperial Rome worshiping trees and fleeing the relentless advance of the Huns.  During the centuries to come the Gospel preached to them by the Successors of Saint Peter shaped these vagabond tribes into great, stable, and long lived civilized nations that had by the 18th century come to dominate the earth.

And the rulers of these nations rejected the Successor of Saint Peter and sought to subjugate him to their own authority, and in doing so they rejected Him who sent him.  They allowed themselves to be seduced by the ravings of impious flatterers, and  in their pride they thought that they had accomplished all of this themselves.  They must have.  Or else why would they have made war against their own life giver?  But alas they did.  And when they did that the Almighty gave them over to their own desires.  The Jesuits were suppressed.  The power of the Pope diminished relative to the power of kings.  And their own authority among their own peoples went with it.  It wasn’t twenty years after the Suppression of the Jesuits that a French king was led to the scaffold through the streets of Paris amidst the howls of his subjects to meet his end.  They sowed and they reaped.  Let that be a lesson to us all.

We must never forget this warning written so long ago, at the height of the power of pagan Rome, when the conversion of Caesar and the millennium long Age of Faith which followed with its great Gothic cathedrals could not yet even be conjured in the human mind, when Holy Mass was being offered in private homes and the Sacred Host was held in the rough hands of fishermen who had once eaten and drunk with the Eternal Word when He took on flesh and dwelt among men:

See then the goodness and the severity of God: towards them indeed that are fallen, the severity; but towards thee, the goodness of God, if thou abide in goodness, otherwise thou also shalt be cut off (Rom. 11: 22).

This warning is contained in a letter addressed specifically to the Church of Rome and it goes for all of us who are in communion with her.  And it is for all time.  So let us abide in goodness.  Please go to Confession and pray three Hail Marys in honor of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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